Development Planning and Oversight

a.) Assist in executing the development plan consistent with the development schedule.
b.) Assist in sight analysis.
c.) Assist in negotiating and obtaining the development agreement or required permits.
d.) Assist the developer, as requested, in negotiating and contracting with government agencies related to the zoning, permitting, construction and operation of the project.
e.) Represent the Developer in all operational permitting and development negotiations.
f.) Monitor development and construction process to ensure compliance with the development schedule.
g.) Represent the developer, as requested, in the on-going negotiations with equipment and service providers.
h.) Update and refine the comprehensive development schedule.
i.) Finalize definition of the entertainment elements and establish the entertainment requirements.
j.) Assist in contracting for each aspect the entertainment and show elements, including rides, slides, attractions, shows, and all other entertainment aspects.
k.) Represent the developer, as requested, in all matters reasonably related and required to accomplish the development schedule.
l.) Serve as Owner’s representative during construction to ensure execution of storyline and operational aspects of the park.
m.) Plan and cause the implementation and integration of the IT systems.
n.) Contract with all service providers, tenants, entertainers, and other service providers to the Project.
o.) Represent the owner in all matters related to accomplishment of future construction, operations, and capital improvement.
p.) Monitor the development and construction progress to ensure compliance with the development schedule.
q.) Conduct regular progress inspections and represent the developer in construction progress meetings.



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