Turnaround Services

PARC has developed an expertise in turning around underperforming properties through comprehensive assessment and developing revised operations, marketing, training, purchasing, pricing, and programing plans as necessary to correct operating deficiencies and restore or enhance profitability. Our processes are tailored to each unique situation, but typically include the following:

a.) Assess historical operating performance with focus on key drivers and metrics.
b.) Assess physical asset condition and maintenance programs.
c.) Assess storyline, entertainment offerings, and guest satisfaction.
d.) Review pricing strategies and offerings in retail and food & beverage.
e.) Analyze operations and maintenance programs and efficiencies.
f.) Develop a detailed financial model to support what-if modeling.
g.) Develop revised operations, marketing, and programing plans.
h.) Develop revised food and beverage and retail offering and pricing menus.
i.) Develop revised pricing strategies and purchasing programs.
j.) Establish annual operating budgets.
k.) Refine the Economic Model with best practice implementations to determine the viability of the efforts and return on invested capital.
l.) Provide guidance and training to implement changes or provide comprehensive manage operations services to direct future operations.
m.) Share and implement the adoption of appropriate new trends and best practices.
n.) Provide comprehensive solutions to revitalize operations and restore and enhance profitability.



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