Pre-Opening Operational Services

a.) Develop the operations plan, including operating calendar and budgets.
b.) Develop detailed marketing and sponsorship development plan consistent with the business plan.
c.) Develop the marketing and sales program for group sales, sales of tickets through local brokers, sales of tickets and packages through the industry sources.
d.) Oversee sponsorship sales by third-party vendor selected and retained by the developer.
e.) Negotiate the contracts with the various in-park vendors.
f.) Develop the final staffing plans, job descriptions, organizational structure, and standard operating procedures for Project operations.
g.) Develop training timetable, procedures, and budgets.
h.) Implement comprehensive training and review processes.
i.) Plan and cause the implementation and integration of the IT systems.
j.) Represent the Developer in all operational permitting and development negotiations.
k.) Develop the hiring and job training requirements and recruitment schedule and process.
l.) Recruit, hire, and train the management team members required to conduct the pre-opening activities.
m.) Recruit, hire, and train the operational staff required to conduct the pre-opening activities.
n.) Script the experience and develop specific training for each job. This will include supervising the creation of the entertainment scripting to ensure consistency with the developer’s mission and vision.
o.) Plan and execute the Grand Opening and soft openings for the Project.



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