Market Assessment and Concept Development:

a.) Assist in defining the vision and story line of the project.
b.) Assist in creating or refining the concept master plan consistent with the vision and story line.
c.) Perform or lead efforts to obtain demographic analysis and market assessment.
d.) Perform or lead efforts to obtain a feasibility study.
e.) Advise and assist in contracting with additional consultants and professional service providers, as requested or required, such as feasibility studies, and master planning and design.
f.) Determine the project scope, programing, and entertainment elements.
g.) Lead efforts to determine preliminary construction cost estimates and explore cost effective development methods for use in feasibility analysis.
h.) Lead efforts in conducting design charrettes to refine the concept master plan and adjust the preliminary construction budget.
i.) Develop the program for entertainment, retail, and food and beverage venues to ensure proper development and operations in conformance with the vision.
j.) Define the FF&E requirements for each operational area.
k.) Lead the definition of IT and related infrastructure and software requirements.
l.) Develop the operations plan, including operating calendar and budgets.
m.) Develop detailed economic and financial model to support project analysis.
n.) Assist in the development of a Business Plan supporting the project.
o.) Assist in defining the planning of development and operations to support the financing of the project.
p.) Assist in preparing and presenting the project to prospective investors, government entities and essential third parties.



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