Strengthening Communities


PARC understands healthy families are the essential ingredients for healthy communities. As stewards of special places – where magical moments become treasured memories for generations – and through mentoring and training, volunteerism and charitable giving, our family of parks has a long history of supporting the needs of communities, where the people of PARC live, work and play. We partner with citizen organizations that leverage our strengths to transform and meet the critical needs of the communities we serve.

parc_foundation_logoFrom our commitment to servant leadership, the knowledge that what gets measured gets done and the belief that miracles can happen, PARC Foundation was born.

PARC Foundation is a non-profit organization, which has been woven into the tapestry of PARC. The mission of PARC Foundation is strengthening the heart, mind, body, and spirit of children and communities. PARC Foundation accomplishes this by connecting the friends and families of PARC with each other and with the communities we serve. Together, PARC and PARC Foundation have contributed to charities over the past four years, and continue to do so. At PARC Foundation, we know that SMILES INSPIRE!



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